Without winter, there'd be no SPRING!

posted 11 May 23:14

Pasha mini travels to Moscow!

As winter has left us, we welcome the season of spring.  Here, at Nessa, we had an interesting winter, and were blessed to start an acquaintance with someone who is doing some exciting things in the world of fashion...

From winter to spring.. Olga shines with Nesaa's pasha mini in burgundy leather and gorgeous Ikat

Olga Gruzina is the face, and brains, behind the fashion blog 'Wardrobe on Cruise'.  She's a Russian model, living in Milan, Italy, and we were lucky enough to connect with Olga and to start a collaboration with her.  Her platform is smart, and really resonated with us here at Nesaa.

The name of the blog itself is a metaphor for the rotation of fashion and the influence it has on our lives.  Olga's style is impeccable and could be considered minimalistic.  She's also got a bit of a crush on good coffee and cute handbags..  so naturally, she was a perfect fit for Nesaa!

Be sure to check Olga out..  wardrobeoncruise.com and also on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/gruzinaolga/.  

She even tells a great story.. 

Nesaa's Pasha petite begins her whirlwind tour..

One of my personal favs, the Pasha petite, made it into the hands of our lovely Olga.. and little Pasha, in purple tones and gold embellishment, traveled with Olga all the way from Milan to Brussels, Belgium and on to Moscow, Russia and back!  Lucky Pasha..

Check it out: http://wardrobeoncruise.com/2017/01/07/nesaa-bag-travels/

Postcards from the Pasha petite tour..

We know you'll love her as much as we do..!  

In the arms of an angel..  Pasha petite sees the world with Olga Gruzina!

Happy spring!


Soph..  xo