Instanbul.. nope, that's not a typo!

posted 7 Aug 00:00

Istanbul, or Instanbul...

Istanbul is just a gorgeous place..  In fact, truly an East meets West lovestory, don't ya think!?!  Did you know that one half of the city is actually considered the "Asian" side and the other "European"?

One city on two continents…  I wonder who claims bragging rights?!

But really no one can argue on the beauty of the place.

So, here you are, today, a photo blog of some great shots of this cool city.  Thanks to Instagram!!  And shout-outs to these Instagrammers and their fine shots of this beautiful place..

The Galata tower 

Doesn't the bright, colourful side of this street in Fener, Istanbul call you to come a-strolling?!  I wish we could, dear...!

Another one of a summery shot outside the Blue Mosque, by the same feed called "istanbultimes" which purports to present an image of the gorgeous city daily.  So, you can all get your fill of Istanbul via them, if you wish!


Wow, what a gorgeous shot!  And this is another feed that we can all enjoy for our fill of Istanbul and each pic is described in both Turkish and English.

They are even calling on the rest of us to share our own beautiful moments of Istanbul at #istanbulmoments.

Here's one from that tag: