In with the old..

posted 7 Jan 02:00

It's not that we're anti-modern.  Not at all..

It's just that, well, there is something to be said for the way things used to be done.. the way things used to be made to last, how people used to write letters not text messages, how men used to court women..


Think Jane Austen, green grassy fields in England..  I mean, how would Jane feel about the way things have turned out in the 21st century..?  I wonder..

As for us here at Nesaa, we are interested in dialling it back a little, taking things a lot slower, and instead of turning to the new, new, new...

Keeping in line with the old, old, old.

I suppose we're a bit conservative.  But we don't mind that, and don't take that offensively.  We're also into conserving..  conservation.  Preserving the beautiful ways in which things have been done for centuries, if not longer.

Like the hand-embroidery on each of our embroidered bags.

Or the time-honoured way the Ikat fabric is weaved..

Some things are worth preserving, don't you think?!

We do.

Much love for the new year,

Soph.. xo