Long live the Queen!

posted 31 Aug 00:00

Alright, today, let's talk a little bit about Queen Rania..

Rania logo

Isn't that a beatiful little insignia?  It's from Queen Rania's official website:


I actually didn't know much about Jordan's Queen consort until recently, when I started to learn more about the kinds of initiatives she is involved in.  I mean, we've all gotten to know her lovely smile from photographs around the capital, posted for all Jordanians to see, often alongside her husband, King Abdullah.. and sometimes, her family, as well.  She is a lovely woman, who is a devoted wife and mum - you can see that!  And she's got that gorgeous smile..  and pretty impeccable fashion sense.

Today is also her 48th birthday..  so, if you're reading, we're sending you lots of love and happiness on your special day, dear Queen Rania!  

Like the three of us here on the Nesaa team, none of us are Jordanian..  Queen Rania is Palestinian, but was born in Kuwait.  And like us, she now makes Jordan her home.

Queen Rania has been commended for the numerous endeavours she has chosen to embark on here in Jordan, including breathing new life into the public education system and empowering communities through micro-finance initiatives, especially for women.

As a company run by women, and for women, we say, "Way to go, Queen Rania!" Oh, and happy 48th!  May the next 48 be as blessed as the first!  God willing..

With love,

Soph.. xo