Back in the swing of things..

posted 24 Mar 23:53

Back in the swing of things 

Hey everyone!

After a much-needed hiatus, our team of two is back and upped by one... and a half!

Baby Nesaa made her sparkly entrance summer of 2017.  And bringing some more life to this party, came along a super cool, creative engineer type to take on all of our Sales & Marketing concerns.  Please welcome Saimina, a transplant from Canada to Amman, full of fresh vibes and new ideas for the brand.

Our creative lead, Meher, the beauty and brains of this operation, spent the year designing the newest bags (Stay tuned!!!!!), taking inspiration from her many travels and her new obsession with vintage jewellery from the Mughal era.

And little ole me, busy with the new babe, am back for another six-month stint in Amman, armed and ready to help launch an even more beautiful 2018!

Much love,

Soph..  xo

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