Actions are but by intention..

posted 22 Apr 00:53

What does that mean to you?  Intentions..  Purpose.

Who was it, Dolly Parton, who said to find out what you love to do, and do it on purpose?

Aida, Earth Day

It's Earth Day today.  April 22nd.  Doesn't this bag conjour up images of the earth to you?  The hues of blue and green just call our sea, sky and land to me.  Very beautiful..  

Now about Earth Day..  I wonder - I think in many parts of the world, Earth Day is probably quite highly marketed - I'm thinking the UK, the US, Canada..  Probably Australia.

Here in Jordan.. maybe not so much.  Because they don't care?  No, not at all.  Many of the concepts, the ideals behind a day marked for caring for the Earth - they are already played out because they must be, out of necessity.  Take water, for example.  In Canada, where I was born, it's probably such a foreign concept that the water could ever run dry..  That you would ever turn the tap on and water wouldn't come out!  You can even drink straight from the tap..  Well, actually, many don't anymore, because of the fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals in there, but that's another story...  Good for another Earth Day post, though, perhaps.

Jordan is like one of thirstiest countries on the planet.  So, people don't waste water.  They know they can't.  We try really hard to be mindful of how much water is used.  I've learned that living here.  The blessing of having water every week is really just that..  a blessing!

So, today, the team here at Nesaa, wishes you a happy Earth Day..  But more than that, we welcome you to question your actions, to ask yourself why you're doing something.  Was it done on purpose?  For a purpose..?

Actions are but by intention.. So, before you act, make your intention.

And love it.  And then, do it on purpose!



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