Female Celebrities Who Inspire Us

posted 15 Dec 13:38

Yes, these women are all strikingly beautiful and unique. And yes, they have amazing style. But what we don’t often hear about are their incredible accomplishments in working towards bettering society. Here’s a list of the top female celebrities who inspire us at Nesaa, a luxury accessory brand by women for women.

Queen Rania

As an accessory label based in Jordan, we’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact Queen Rania has had on Jordanian society and the world. She works tirelessly advocating for education for children and spends much of her time promoting youth and community empowerment as well as cross-cultural dialogue. Queen Rania has it all—she’s articulate, intelligent, beautiful and one of the most fashionable women in the world! She exemplifies sophistication and confidence in every one of her looks.



Amal Clooney  

Catapulted into the spotlight after her marriage to George Clooney, she’s known for her perfectly polished looks and superb style. We certainly can’t forget those white gloves she wore at the Golden Globe Awards this year. How does she manage her busy schedule as a human rights lawyer and still look so good?



Lupita Nyong’o

Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is incredibly artistic, poised, and is a graduate of Yale University! She speaks four languages and is extremely involved in promoting women’s issues as well as advocating for elephants through WildAid, an international conservation organization. Her intelligence, philanthropic nature, and strength all add to her radiance and beauty.



Emma Stone

Whether she’s blonde, a redhead or brunette, Emma Stone is always a showstopper. She’s known for her sweet smile, as well as her playful personality, but she is so much more than that. In 2012, she and beau Andrew Garfield realized they were being photographed by paparazzi and quickly scribbled down messages advocating for various charities, including Gilda’s Club, which supports those living with cancer. In fact, Emma has been an active supporter of breast cancer awareness and research since her mother’s battle with breast cancer started in 2008. You rock, Emma!



Jennifer Lawrence

This natural beauty is fiery, fun and down to earth. We admire her quirky sense of humor and her power to engage us on and off screen. Jennifer Lawrence spends much of her free time supporting and advocating for charities, such as the World Food Programme, Feeding America and The Thirst Project. I guess we can say she’s Katniss in real life too. :)



Solange Knowles

A model, actress and singer, Solange is incredibly talented.  She’s one of our fashion icons and her use of bold colors, mixed prints and retro-inspired aesthetic are an inspiration to our team. And her natural beauty is out of this world! Her work for good causes makes her that much more beautiful. Solange has worked tirelessly in building and developing schools for underprivileged children in Africa. This year she also partnered up with Kiehl’s to raise money for three organizations that benefit education and the betterment of youth in underserved neighborhoods in America and abroad. Her humility, strength and self-assured nature is refreshing.



Emma Watson

Since her Harry Potter days, Emma Watson has blossomed into a veritable fashionista and an advocate for education for girls around the world. She currently serves as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, calling for gender equality and women’s rights. Despite her busy schedule, she takes time to keep herself in balance through meditation and mindfulness. In fact, she is certified to teach yoga and meditation. Her natural confidence and poise shines through, no matter what she wears.  



Penelope Cruz

An accomplished actress and model, Penelope Cruz has also been a philanthropist from early on in her career. In fact, she donated her entire salary from her first Hollywood film to Mother Teresa’s mission and spent a week working alongside her at a leprosy clinic in India. Cruz is all about action, and has volunteered in places like Nepal and Uganda. She even started a foundation to support homeless girls in India. Her accomplishments in helping the underserved are unmatched.



Angelina Jolie

Not only is she one of the most stunning women alive, but she is one of few celebrities who has travelled to warzones, spearheading humanitarian efforts and advocating on behalf of refugees. She has brought so much awareness to the plight of others and has personally donated millions of dollars in charity for various causes, from rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina to funding facilities for children affected by HIV. Angelina Jolie has it all—beauty, brains and heart.