Handbag Style Guide

posted 15 Nov 23:41

How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

The key to finding your forever bag is finding a piece that suits your needs, has a timeless design that works well with your body type, will add value to your wardrobe and makes a statement. The importance of handbags cannot be stressed enough! They have the ability to make or break an outfit. A good handbag can really tie your whole outfit and look together. Out of all the accessories worn, handbags best reflect one’s personality. The right handbag can instantly elevate your style. Thus, it’s crucial to focus on finding one that suits your needs and style sense.

First you must decide what you’ll primarily be using your handbag for. Are you looking for a handbag for a special occasion or for everyday use? Do you normally carry around your whole life in your purse or just a few key essentials? Once you determine whether you are looking for something functional for everyday use, for a night on the town, or for a formal event you’ll know which silhouettes to consider.

The Shoulder Bag

Medium and large shoulder bags are classic silhouettes that marry functionality and visual appeal. They are the perfect carryalls if your handbag is your home away from home, as they’re designed with space in mind. They provide ample room to keep your items separate and organized. Shoulder bags are ideal for anything from a shopping trip to a picnic lunch to a beach outing. If space and functionality are what you’re looking for, this is your go to silhouette. And they can also be beautiful statement pieces!


The Crossbody Bag

The crossbody is the new ‘it’ silhouette. Crossbody bags are quintessential to every wardrobe and are both practical and pretty. More petite than the shoulder bag, the crossbody adds a sense of charm to any outfit—and it lets you go hands free! Made for busy women on the go, they can be worn day or night. We love them for their convenience factor and no-nonsense design.



The Minaudiere

If you’re going for a more polished, formal look, a minaudiere is the perfect companion. These coveted clutches are ideal for a cocktail party or an elegant evening. Though compact, you’ll still be able to fit essentials like lipstick, keys, cash and an ID. This silhouette is timeless and always on trend.



 The Foldover Clutch

And if you’d like a handbag with more space for a fun-filled outing, we suggest the foldover clutch. These beauties, though not as compact as the minaudiere are still chic and give any outfit a refined look. They’re flirty and enticing, not to mention they can hold more than your classic minaudiere. Their interesting foldover design will keep your belongings safe and prevent them from moving around. We’ve found this design is great for weddings or date night.



The Oversized Clutch

If you’re still looking for something bigger that is appropriate for semi-formal events, look no further than the oversized clutch. In recent years, this silhouette has grown in popularity and has the space to hold more than just essentials.



Complementing Your Body Type

In addition to function, consider your body type when choosing a handbag. It is wise to choose a bag that complements and flatters your shape and downplays your not-so-favorite features. 

Tall and Thin

If you’re very tall and thin, you most probably do not want a long and lean silhouette, which will only add length. On the same note, bags with short straps will accentuate height, so it’s best to avoid them as well. Handbags that are slouchy and less structured work well for tall people. A handbag that is quite wide rather than long is also suitable for this body type.


If you have a petite frame, you should avoid oversized bags lest you run the risk of your bag overwhelming your look and frame. Go for something like a crossbody bag or a small-medium clutch. 


Curvy women should avoid smaller bags, as they can make the wearer appear larger. Steer clear of small prints and patterns on bags. Go for a more structured shape, such as a mid-sized or large shoulder bag which will balance out curves. The more structured the bag, the better.


Choose a timeless silhouette (such as those listed above) that you know you’ll wear often. Pay close attention to the detailing, such as the stitching as well as the quality of the materials and fittings to ensure your handbag will last. If the handbag is handmade, chances are more care and time was invested in its construction. Quality leathers, silks, velvets, skins and organic fabrics will certainly outlast synthetic and man-made materials. Fittings should be smooth and of a single even finish and tone. If all of these elements are present, chances are your handbag will remain a lasting feature your ever-changing look and wardrobe.