In with the old..

posted 07/01/2019

It's not that we're anti-modern.  Not at all..

It's just that, well, there is something to be said for the way things used to be done.. the way things used to be made to last, how people used to write letters not text messages, how men used to court women..


Think Jane Austen, green grassy fields in England..  I mean, how would Jane feel about the way things have turned out in the 21st century..?  I wonder..

As for us here at Nesaa, we are interested in dialling it back a little, taking things a lot slower, and instead of turning to the new, new, new...

Keeping in line with the old, old, old.

I suppose we're a bit conservative.  But we don't mind that, and don't take that offensively.  We're also into conserving..  conservation.  Preserving the beautiful ways in which things have been done for centuries, if not longer.

Like the hand-embroidery on each of our embroidered bags.

Or the time-honoured way the Ikat fabric is weaved..

Some things are worth preserving, don't you think?!

We do.

Much love for the new year,

Soph.. xo









Nandita Das!

posted 07/11/2018

Who is Nandita, you ask?

Nandita Das!  Das who!

Sorry, I had to..  Forgive me.

As a company that has its roots in South Asia and lovers of all amazing women out there, we thought it time we put a little spotlight on this Indian a-lister, actress and director.  But Ms. Das is much more than just a filmstar, acting in over 40 feature films.. She has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Delhi, and has worked in the areas of children's rights and in putting an end to violence against women.

In 2014, she was selected out of 400 candidates as one of 16 Yale World Fellows as emerging global leaders.

She also supported a campaign against discrimination based on skin colour in India, Dark is Beautiful.  We think that's just beautiful, and Nandita is as beautiful as they come!

And today just happens to be her 49th birthday!  So, from Jordan to India, the team here at Nesaa just wants to send many warm and fuzzy thoughts your way, dear Nandita.  Here's to you and yours on your special day!

Lots of love,

Soph.. xo










Long live the Queen!

posted 31/08/2018

Alright, today, let's talk a little bit about Queen Rania..

Rania logo

Isn't that a beatiful little insignia?  It's from Queen Rania's official website:  

I actually didn't know much about Jordan's Queen consort until recently, when I started to learn more about the kinds of initiatives she is involved in.  I mean, we've all gotten to know her lovely smile from photographs around the capital, posted for all Jordanians to see, often alongside her husband, King Abdullah.. and sometimes, her family, as well.  She is a lovely woman, who is a devoted wife and mum - you can see that!  And she's got that gorgeous smile..  and pretty impeccable fashion sense.

Today is also her 48th birthday..  so, if you're reading, we're sending you lots of love and happiness on your special day, dear Queen Rania!  

Like the three of us here on the Nesaa team, none of us are Jordanian..  Queen Rania is Palestinian, but was born in Kuwait.  And like us, she now makes Jordan her home.

Queen Rania has been commended for the numerous endeavours she has chosen to embark on here in Jordan, including breathing new life into the public education system and empowering communities through micro-finance initiatives, especially for women.

As a company run by women, and for women, we say, "Way to go, Queen Rania!" Oh, and happy 48th!  May the next 48 be as blessed as the first!  God willing..

With love,

Soph.. xo









Instanbul.. nope, that's not a typo!

posted 07/08/2018

Istanbul, or Instanbul...

Istanbul is just a gorgeous place..  In fact, truly an East meets West lovestory, don't ya think!?!  Did you know that one half of the city is actually considered the "Asian" side and the other "European"?

One city on two continents…  I wonder who claims bragging rights?!

But really no one can argue on the beauty of the place.

So, here you are, today, a photo blog of some great shots of this cool city.  Thanks to Instagram!!  And shout-outs to these Instagrammers and their fine shots of this beautiful place..

The Galata tower 

Doesn't the bright, colourful side of this street in Fener, Istanbul call you to come a-strolling?!  I wish we could, dear...!

Another one of a summery shot outside the Blue Mosque, by the same feed called "istanbultimes" which purports to present an image of the gorgeous city daily.  So, you can all get your fill of Istanbul via them, if you wish!


Wow, what a gorgeous shot!  And this is another feed that we can all enjoy for our fill of Istanbul and each pic is described in both Turkish and English.

They are even calling on the rest of us to share our own beautiful moments of Istanbul at #istanbulmoments.

Here's one from that tag:













Moms make the world go round..

posted 27/05/2018

That's supposed to be love, ain't it?  Love makes the world go round..  Well, the sentiment is the same.

I think we learn to love by the love shown to us..  And who best, and who first, to show us love than our mothers?

Did you know that Mother's Day is celebrated on different days of the year and in various ways and names by so many different countries...  for example, Mothering Sunday in the UK, which was back in March!  It was Mother's Day in Canada on the 13th of this month.  Some combine the celebration of mothers with other dates like International Women's Day or the Spring Equinox...  So, when to send this shout-out to MOMS everywhere!?!



Check out this Mama Pasha with her mini-babies?!! Aren't they just adorable? 

Well, since we've missed the day Jordan celebrates Mother's Day (it was the 21st of March - the Spring Equinox), we've picked today..  the last Sunday in May.  It's celebrated today in a number of countries including France, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Sweden and Tunisia. 

The team here at Nesaa would like to wish you all a day full of love - whether you're a new mommy like me(!), or patiently waiting for the day to come when you'll get to be a mama, or if you're already a mum to many..  May it be a happy one, full of goodness and laughter.

With love,

Soph & baby Nesaa.. xoxox







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