Love at first sight

posted 17/03/2019

Adventures at the Grand Bazaar

Think twice!

posted 07/02/2019

Happy February, friends!  Can you believe it's February, 2019, already?!  How?!!

Hope you had a great first month of the year and have felt inspired by what we shared in last month's blog.

And in keeping with that theme, the team here at Nesaa wants to talk a little bit about the three 'R's today...  Not reading, writing, and 'rithmetic, but REDUCING, RE-USING, and RECYCLING.

Yay.. fun times!

Here are some nifty ways we think you can RE-think some of those old things, and bring back some life to them, and other ways you can try to reduce in your everyday dealings:

[Pic of some repurposed shawls, or nice colourful ones..]

Shawls and scarfs of various sizes and shapes are great to start using and thinking about in new ways..  Large rectangular shawls make great wraparound skirts, for example.  Or piece together a few to make some funky pillow shams..  Get creative!  Think outside the box...   You'll be surprised by what you can come up with.  I've even seen table shams that were actually wraparound headscarves!  And they looked good in their new role..

[Another pic..]

Only buy what you really feel is worth your time, effort and money..  If it seems like a fun buy and you think it might be something you want to add to your wardrobe or accessories collection, think twice - does it look good in the store?  Or on the website pic?  But in actuality, it's not something you really want.. or even need!  Buy from local and sustainable sources for your clothing..  Buy vintage and used, where possible!  You can really find some great steals at local thrift shops.

Finally, have you heard of capsule wardrobes?  Probably..  It's a pretty popular term these days..  Basically, the idea is to widdle the number of pieces in your closet down to the minimum, the essential.  I've heard 37 is the magical number..  Basically, timeless pieces that suit you and never go out of style..  Those are the pieces you want to keep in your closet.  It makes fashion sense..  but ecologically, and economically, it makes a lot of sense, too.  We're behind a good idea like that..  Plus, even on the wikipedia definition, there is room for at least one tote and one clutch in your capsule.

But, oh oh, now, how do we choose just ONE?!!


Here is a list of some companies that are doing some interesting work in the realm of sustainable and slow fashion!

Wow, check this place out - REFORMATION.  They are just awesome and the amount you will learn on their website about sustainable, eco-friendly and conscious practices is amazing..

Hats off to them!

[Pic of a cute hat.. maybe in the air!]

Soph.. xo









In with the old..

posted 07/01/2019

It's not that we're anti-modern.  Not at all..

It's just that, well, there is something to be said for the way things used to be done.. the way things used to be made to last, how people used to write letters not text messages, how men used to court women..


Think Jane Austen, green grassy fields in England..  I mean, how would Jane feel about the way things have turned out in the 21st century..?  I wonder..

As for us here at Nesaa, we are interested in dialling it back a little, taking things a lot slower, and instead of turning to the new, new, new...

Keeping in line with the old, old, old.

I suppose we're a bit conservative.  But we don't mind that, and don't take that offensively.  We're also into conserving..  conservation.  Preserving the beautiful ways in which things have been done for centuries, if not longer.

Like the hand-embroidery on each of our embroidered bags.

Or the time-honoured way the Ikat fabric is weaved..

Some things are worth preserving, don't you think?!

We do.

Much love for the new year,

Soph.. xo


When the going gets tough..

posted 07/12/2018

..the tough go shopping!

Haha..  No, but seriously, has anyone heard of the term "retail therapy"?  Apparently, it's a thing.  I'm not sure how I feel about it -- the idea that going shopping is going to help you feel better.  I mean, isn't the whole point of being happy with yourself supposed to have to do with.. well, yourself.  And not, any external thing, and certainly not something you buy!

But, I am happy to be enlightened..  So, I looked a little deeper.  It's not so much about buying some "thing" and suddenly, you're a happy camper.  It's more the psychological rewards associated with shopping.  Okay...  Let's keep digging, then.

I mean, here I am, I work for a company that basically sells pretty bags...  So, if I can find some positives behind getting you to buy a pretty bag this season, I suppose I should do my utmost to uncover them.   For your sake, and mine..

So, let's see..  According to an article "Why Retail Therapy Works", by Kit Yarrow, professor of psychology and marketing, some of the therapeutic benefits of shopping include:

1. Helping to ease transitions

For example, when parents go shopping and buy their soon-to-be college freshman some new bedding or toiletry kits.

I think college freshmen (and sophomores, juniors, seniors..  pretty much everyone) needs a new bag!

2. Relaxation and escape

Even just taking a break and scrolling online for new light fixtures can be seen as a mini-vacation for some!

Why stop at light fixtures..  Check out the selection here at Nesaa, and find the bag that is perfect for you, or the perfect gift for someone you love!

3. The social connection

Since man first made cities, there was always the marketplace at it's core.  And today, it's no different as people can connect over their shared need to shop!

So, there you have it..  No, you cannot buy happiness with a bag, no matter how pretty it is.  But you sure can find some happiness when you shop at Nesaa for the perfect bag for you.

Happy shopping, campers!

Love and laughs from me,

Soph.. xo

Nandita Das!

posted 07/11/2018

Who is Nandita, you ask?

Nandita Das!  Das who!

Sorry, I had to..  Forgive me.

As a company that has its roots in South Asia and lovers of all amazing women out there, we thought it time we put a little spotlight on this Indian a-lister, actress and director.  But Ms. Das is much more than just a filmstar, acting in over 40 feature films.. She has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Delhi, and has worked in the areas of children's rights and in putting an end to violence against women.

In 2014, she was selected out of 400 candidates as one of 16 Yale World Fellows as emerging global leaders.

She also supported a campaign against discrimination based on skin colour in India, Dark is Beautiful.  We think that's just beautiful, and Nandita is as beautiful as they come!

And today just happens to be her 49th birthday!  So, from Jordan to India, the team here at Nesaa just wants to send many warm and fuzzy thoughts your way, dear Nandita.  Here's to you and yours on your special day!

Lots of love,

Soph.. xo

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