Handcrafted traditions with a modern sensibility 

Nesaa is an independent accessories brand based in Amman, Jordan. Our design philosophy marries classic elegance with an ethnic aesthetic. We honour handcrafted traditions in the form of contemporary accessories, working towards empowering skilled artisans and reviving time-old crafts. Our designs showcase exquisite elements - from vintage hand-woven silks and artisanal leathers to intricate embroideries.

Exclusivity is key: no two pieces are completely alike. Each accessory preserves and exhibits a unique array of art-forms. Every season Nesaa produces a very limited number of accessories, rendered by hand. Made specifically for women with discerning tastes, our designs withstand the test of time and are certain to be coveted.

Each carefully fashioned piece stays true to our ethos of ethics and integrity. As a company for women by women, a portion of our sales goes towards initiatives funding breast cancer research and treatment, a cause dear to us.